Using Property Data to Enhance Client Experience

Data technology is driving transformation across every industry when it comes to decision-making, innovation, and customer experience. The real estate industry is not immune to this transformation. Most organizations realize that using data to better understand customer needs and preferences is vital to creating consistently great customer experiences. While the expertise of real estate professionals […]

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Realtor sitting at table with clients

Creating Value from your Property Tech Tools

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite provides some very resourceful and valuable property tech tools. These tools are meant to empower your membership to succeed in the market by providing reliable property data through an easy-to-navigate platform. Let’s talk about the benefits these tools can have for your business, as well as how they can be […]

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Enriching Your MLS with the Best-fit Property Data Partner

Changing vendors of a core technology service is not a process that MLSs and associations undertake lightly. This is especially true when that service is a tool that your members use heavily, like a public property records/tax system. There are disruptions to your members’ business to consider, along with the significant effort and manpower required […]

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Powerful Prospecting in two easy steps!

Don’t let low housing inventory get you down! We’ve got a tool available to you with powerful prospecting capabilities—and the best part is that it’s already included with your MLS or association membership dues. That’s right, we’re talking about your MLS’s public records/property data system. Did you know that you can use the rich information […]

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Veteran CRS Data Leader, Sara Cooper, Named Director of the MLS Market

We are very excited to announce that long-standing team member Sara Cooper has been named to the company’s new Director of the MLS Market position. Sara previously served as our Director of Customer Experience and has an extensive background and understanding of the MLS market. In addition to leading CRS Data’s customer experience efforts, Sara […]

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